It’s 8 a.m.

Your alarm goes off but you still in bed.

You pick up your phone and go through your emails.

You scroll down your inbox, and you see it. A reply from one of the cold emails you sent yesterday. Your proposal has been accepted.

Now you are awake.

Eyes brighten up.

You rush to the kitchen and brew yourself some Moroccan coffee you bought on your last workcation**

You sip your coffee, which tastes so good, and head over to your home office, five steps away.

Your workday begins, and you are still in your favorite pajamas.

The scenario painted above is the possibility if you choose a pursue a freelance writing career.

The scenario says one word. FREEDOM.

You decide when you want to work and who you want to work with.

But many newbie writers have this perception that it’s not possible to become a successful freelance writer in 2017. They feel that it is too difficult and the industry is saturated.

But, to be honest, there is enough opportunity and business for new entrants.

This post will highlight the two most important things every beginner writer needs to do to start their freelancing career; to write their way to freedom.


When I started my freelance writing career, I had this mindset that to make as a writer, I needed some fancy English degree from some prestigious college.

I was wrong.

I was wrong because when I started getting clients, all they wanted was proof of work, not English.

So, to get started, you don’t need a BA in English to become a writer. What you need is to understand the basics of grammar. You also need to understand the mechanisms of the English language. And lastly, you need to develop your style.


A style is essential because when writing for the web, your uniqueness will come from your writing style.

In my case, I spent about $50 for my education.

I bought two courses on writing from udemy.com. I also bought two books. Element of Style by William Strunk and On Writing Well by William Zinsser.

These two books are good enough for a start. Study them and you’ll be fine.

I also use a lot of free resources like yourdictionary.com and Grammarly’s blog to educate myself continuously.

In the writing game, education never stops.


Education without action is useless.(READ THIS SENTENCE OVER AND OVER)

That’s why, as soon as possible, you need to start writing.

It’s 2017, and there’s a shit load of content out there.

So to get any form of traction, you need to write a lot. And you need a platform to accommodate all your articles.

That’s where your blog comes into play. Follow this guide for a step by step process to open a new blog in 2017.

As a newbie writer, when you start writing, your articles will suck. Big time.

But if you think about everything in life, when you start, you will suck.

If you start learning a new language, your pronunciations will suck.

If you start learning graphic design, your first designs will suck.

If you start learning photography, your initial pictures will suck.

So why should your writing be different?

You will, however, get better with constant practice. Practice every day, and you will notice the difference in no time.

What can you write about?

Check out what James Althucher’s writing process to get you started.

These two points I gave above should be your primary focus for a minimum of 3 months.

You don’t need to worry about getting clients or writing a book. You need to improve your knowledge on writing, and refining your craft.

Before I end this post, there are a few things you need to have in mind.

  1. In the beginning, a freelance writing career is difficult. Gaining momentum takes a lot of work. You need to hustle. But, whatever you do, DON’T QUIT. Keep on going.
  2. You need a lot of focus and determination. Focus means keeping up with your writing schedule. Determination means doing whatever it takes to be successful in your craft.

So what can you do today?

You can start educating yourself. Head over to Amazon and buy Element of Style by William Strunk and On Writing Well by William Zinsser. These two books will get you started.

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There you have it guys. Writing is fun and everyone is a writer.

All you need to do is WRITE.

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