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Over the past two years, I started four blogs.

The blogs’ niches varied from health to fintech to social media/content marketing.

But, none has been a success.

And the reason is simple.

I started them because I thought that since people were making money through blogging, I’ll also make money through it.

Now I know better.

I lost money and time; time I can never get back, however, I gained valuable skills – how to start a blog, how to setup WordPress – along the way.

I also discovered myself – not an easy feat.

I found out that I love writing.

I love researching.

I love knowledge.

I love learning.

I love teaching.

And that’s why I started this blog.

So that I can write about the things I love and hopefully help others along the way.

This is what you will get from this blog;

  1.  Words relating to writing, marketing, blogging and starting your own business;
  2. My journey to mastering the skill of writing;
  3. Books, Books, Books; and
  4. A place where you can connect with other writers and entrepreneur.

The only thing I want back is connections. I want to make connections with as many people I can using my words as my tool, and hopefully, help you communicate your message.

Sign up to here to go on this journey with me. If you enjoy what you read here, please share with your friends and family. I’ll appreciate it.

P.s Please always check up on me.

P.s.s. If you need any help with your words and blog, I am always willing to help. Even though I might not have all the answers, I’m sure I can direct you where you will find it. Also, check out my resources page.

P.s.s.s. Once I hit publish, I’m going back to read On Writing Well by William Zinsser. One of the best books on writing. You should check it out.

About The Author

Xavi E.Attoh

Welcome to Knowgrowteach.com. I am the author of this website. This website is going to share knowledge on writing, blogging and building an online business. It's also going to reflect my personality and the things I love such as action movies, cartoons, and photography.